With over twenty years experience in the health and fitness industry, Abs is ready to bring you her tried and tested Headhuntress Method for maximum results. 



Above Acapulco Bar, 56 Albert Road, Southsea, PO5 2SJ


1pm-3pm Monday

6am – 10pm Tuesday-Thursday

10am-6pm Friday
10am – 1pm Weekends


Headhuntress Warrior Results is run by Abigail Pallant-Sidaway.

Abigail grew up in England and has an English father, but her mother is from the rainforest island of Borneo, from a tribe called the Land Dyaks.  They were originally head hunters (hence the Headhuntress moniker) and survived until the turn of the 20th century by living off the land with no contact from the western world until the British Missionaries arrived.

There are no gimmicks or fancy diets in the Headhuntress Method.  It's simply just a case of remembering that we as human beings are designed to move our bodies every day and eat a simple diet based on the good healthy food that mother nature provided us and not the addictive processed foods that man kind has produced and made so readily available to buy and eat.

You will not be expected to have an iron will to succeed as there is always room to enjoy treats each week.  


Abigail originally qualified in personal training back in 2001, having worked in public gyms and also teaching ballet when she was a teenager.  She found herself studying health and social care, working with adults with learning disabilities after ten years with social services because her passions always lay in helping people.  After finishing her health & social care exam, she came to the realisation that she had been trained to manage budgets above anything else and she wouldn't be in the position to help anyone, so she put her pen down and began her own business working from home. 


In 2006 she began Rare Designer Must-Haves, importing and selling rare & vintage designer fashion online, but longed to open her own shop.  Along came the 2008 recession and a sharp drop in the pound, her dreams of owning a fashion shop in Portsmouth seemed impossible. She started applying to sell at markets, but found it difficult to get a traders spot.  So, she decided to create her own market, this way she could help other local traders in the same position and from there The Boutique Market was born. 

At the first event, there was a queue of people lining up down the street and her ability to fill a venue soon got noticed.  She quickly found her business becoming an event organising platform with vintage and craft markets running every weekend. 

In 2011, she joined forces with Love Southsea and developed the idea for Victorious Vintage, she created the original business plan for Victorious Vintage at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard and pulled the team together that ensured it's success.  The following year, she took a back seat and concentrated only on traders and caterers. 

In 2014 however, she began having more advanced symptoms of a nerve and central nervous system disorder that she had lived with for five years and despite being so physically exhausted that she needed to sleep constantly, she kept on working when she could.  With three children at home to look after on her own and some hugely painful life events to carry them all through, her work ability began to suffer.  She began to work on developing her idea of an indoor market emporium on Elm Grove, Southsea in January 2015, but by February, she had to pull out.  Her health was getting the better of her and just a few weeks later, she woke up one morning unable to walk experiencing wide spread numbness that left her in a wheel chair for almost six months.  

Her neurologist, suggested that she avoided becoming stressed.  Of course, avoiding stress is a lot more easily said than done.  She eventually went from using the wheelchair to just using crutches and in October 2015, just before her 40th birthday, she experienced her first remission.  During this period, she began being well enough to work again, with her professional confidence completely crushed, she thought about what she could do for a living that would involve minimal stress, with the hours that suited her and wouldn't involve any work partners.  She couldn't go back to any of her previous roles, but then she remembered the personal training.  Because it had been so long since she had originally studied the diploma, she took the course again.  And even though, it took a lot longer than she hoped because her condition kept relapsing for longer lengths of time, she eventually was able to realise her dream. 

And Headhuntress Warrior Results was born.